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Advance Food Prep - Week 4

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This step is very important. When life gets busy, it's usually our diets that suffer first. To save time, we'll often opt out for processed foods or fast foods. To ensure your best chance for success this week, I strongly recommend you do the food prep below in advance:

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Brown Rice You'll need to do a little math to decide how many servings to prepare. Think about how many people you are serving. You may have to cook more rice later in the week, but you'll quickly get the hang of how far your rice will go. It keeps well in the fridge and you can even freeze it if you need to use it later. Just follow the instructions on the package.

Overnight Oatmeal We're having overnight oats for breakfast this Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, so you can wait till Tuesday or Wednesday night to prepare these. That way they won't be past their prime by the time you eat them.

Black Eyed Peas Sort and soak the black eyed peas on Saturday, then cook them on Sunday. If you forget to soak them, no worries– black eyed peas are more forgiving. You'll just need to cook them a little longer.

Roast Potatoes For the Protein Breakfast Bowls, you'll use 1 medium potato per person per serving per meal. And you'll have these yummy potatoes for breakfast 4 times during the week. So figure out how many potaoes you'll need for breakfast all week, roast all those in advance, store in the fridge till you need them, and save yourself a bunch of time.

Prepare Energy Bites These are better the day after you make them, so you'll definitely want to get this recipe done before your busy week starts.

Prepare Pasta Salad Prepare the pasta salad according to the recipe and chill in the fridge. If you work outside your home, you can go ahead and pack it for your lunch once you have it all mixed together.

Mix together Trail Mix Mix together your chosen ingredients; store in an airtight container and it's fine for the week.

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