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Classic Superfood Veggie Sandwich

Ingredients :


Green bell pepper, cut in strips

Onion, sliced

Avocado, sliced (about ⅛ avocado per sandwich)

Tofu Slices (see below)

Vegan mayo/mustard

Bread or wraps (I used Schar gluten free)

Tofu Slices:

1 package extra firm tofu

Garlic powder


Olive Oil


Carefully slice open the tofu container so that you keep the block in one piece. Wrap your tofu in paper towels (I use 2 regular size paper towels) and place it on your counter with something heavy on top of it for about 10 minutes or so. I use my cutting board or a heavy plate. Once the tofu drains, use a sharp knife to cut the tofu into slices. I usually cut the block in half, then half the half, etc. I cut mine into 8 pieces, but you could pretty easily get 12 slices if you are trying to stretch your recipe for more meals. 

I use a non-stick skillet most of the time, but sometimes I like to use my iron skillet. If you use the iron skillet you’ll need a bit more oil to keep it from sticking, but it doesn’t take much. I use a tiny bit of olive oil in my non-stick skillet, just for flavor but some people don’t use oil at all. Once your skillet and oil have heated, carefully place your tofu pieces in the pan. Sprinkle some garlic powder and salt and let it brown. Once it’s kind of golden, I turn it over and sprinkle again with garlic powder and salt. Once it’s nice and golden brown on both sides, set it aside while you assemble your sandwich.

Sandwich Directions:

Once everything is sliced and the tofu is sautéed, it’s time to assemble everything. I just layer my ingredients and then sprinkle some kind of herbs and spices to make it interesting. If you have Montreal steak seasoning, or everything bagel seasoning, spike or herbamare, those are great. Salt, pepper and some other favorite spice will really make it taste interesting. My family is always amazed by my sandwiches and they are so easy to make!

Good to Know:

You definitely want to use healthy bread for this sandwich. I like to use Schar gluten free bread. I can usually find it at our discount grocery store for .99 or 1.99 per loaf. It sells for around $7 in regular grocery stores, so this is a huge savings. Costco carries double loaf packages for around $7. If you don’t go gluten free, just be sure you find a vegan whole grain bread to use. 

If the avocado slices are too difficult to manage, you can mash it and just spread it on your bread on top of the mayo or mustard. It will also help the other ingredients stick to the sandwich. 


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