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Wanna do a tabling event at YOUR local Walmart?

If you’re like us and want to “ eliminate barriers for folks who want to provide optimal nutrition for themselves and their families,” then let’s talk!

As you may know, the most common barriers to optimal nutrition for most Americans are knowledge, cost and convenience. Most folks don’t realize that the Standard American Diet is the #1 driver of chronic diseases in the U.S. But even when folks learn that a whole-food, plant based diet is the #1 way to prevent and even reverse those chronic diseases, many believe they can’t afford the time and/or money to make the transition.

That’s why we're doing this project– to show that plant based eating needn't be complicated or costly to be delicious and nutritious!  And that's why we source all the ingredients for this food plan at Walmart. Walmart’s “Everyday Low Prices” on quality food ingredients make this plan highly affordable. In fact, a family of four on food assistance can afford the full 28-day plan each month. Plus, the super easy recipes combined with the convenience of doing all your grocery shopping in one place make this food plan a huge timesaver.

Furthermore, Walmart has the most access of any other grocer in the U.S.: 90% of Americans live within 15 minutes of a Walmart, including 75% of Americans who live within just five minutes of a Walmart. And for those who lack transportation or mobility, Walmart offers a grocery delivery service at less than half the cost of an average round trip in an uber or taxi.

Issues of food insecurity are all too real for far too many Americans and their families. Last year in 2022, food prices in the US increased a whopping 13.5%. And in that same year, real wages for working Americans fell by 3.6%. It’s an ongoing trend and why Americans now spend over $50 billion per year just on healthcare issues related to poor nutrition.

If you care about the struggle for nutrition and food access in your community and you’d like to help promote this food plan at your local Walmart, then let’s make that happen! We’ve got a whole tabling kit with informational brochures that volunteers can use to promote the food plan to Walmart shoppers. And there’s an optional Raffle (for a whole week of free groceries!) that volunteers can offer to encourage customer interest.

We just need your help to find the right volunteers in your community to organize the tabling event at your local Walmart. You can email our community coordinator, Leah Duncan, at and she’ll get back to you ASAP. Or you can go to our volunteer page to learn more. We're eager to meet folks who want to help others protect their health and their family’s health. We look forward to hearing from you!


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